It’s inevitable… folks hear the words “St. Patrick’s Day” and somehow start to gravitate to the first thing they think of that relates to Ireland.  Around these parts, that would be Cregeen’s Irish Pub in the Argenta District.  The pub itself, according to its website, was built in Dublin and shipped over to be reconstructed in the budding new restaurant and arts district of North Little Rock.  Popular for both its cozy atmosphere and extensive, extensive lineup of beer both on-tap and in-bottle, the restaurant at the corner of Main and Broadway draws a decent crowd on just about any night.  For the next few days, expect it to be even more packed.

But the question you may have, if you haven’t ever been, is “how’s the food?”  Well, it’s an ecclectic mix… lots of popular American style sandwiches and wraps, lots of Irish favorites.  And an unusual item called the Airlift… more on the jump.