It’s Motown week on that interminable singing contest that steals three hours of our lives every week and gives very, very little back. 7 p.m., Fox.

Conway’s Tender Dawg continues to capture the hearts of prognosticators.

EW puts him at number two in their power rankings.

His understated “To Make You Feel My Love” was the highlight of Grand Ole Opry week, and combined with his jaunty, guitar-playing “Remember the Time,” it helped him score an all-important “you could do well in this competition” from Simon. Add his obvs heartthrob appeal and you’ve got a legit contender for the whole enchilada.


TV Guide says nothing interesting, but ranks him fourth.

MTV, quoting longtime Idol blogger MJ, is a little more ambivalent.

“He has shown some potential and had some really bright moments, but I don’t think the charisma is there yet,” MJ said. “If he picks a ballad this week … people respond to him singing ballads … but on the other hand, that could be a trap for him. He’s on the brink of maybe being a dark horse, but he’s been really inconsistent.”