Another week, another smooth, solid performance from Conway’s Kris Allen (AKA Tender Dawg) on “American Karaoke.” He sang “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)” and played guitar — somewhat superfulously, but whatever — and unlike most of his competition, he didn’t pay tribute to the original or any other popular version (like, say, James Taylor’s). He changed up the pacing, some of the phrasing and added the ever-important head-bob-and-smile.

The judges, again, loved it. Paula mom-danced. Randy told him he’s “in the zone.” And Simon said it was another smart song choice, but that he needed to work on his “swagger.”

In the judges commentary interview with Ryan Seacrest, someone in the crowd screamed out “Arkansas!” in one of the quiet moments. It was awesome. And so typical. I love how you can always count on Arkies to show state pride in inappropriate situations and settings. (When I was in middle school, on a class trip to NYC, we called the Hogs in the Statue of Liberty.)


Prediction: The blind guy who wore pink pants last night is going home.