It’s an inadvertently super-secret show*: Hendrix College’s campus radio station, KHDX, is bringing Chicago’s the Cool Kids, famous for rapping about BMX bikes and biting Rick Rubin, to the brick pit on campus, for an outdoor concert this Friday.

Unlike past shows at Hendrix — Spoon, Girl Talk, Of Montreal — this one is partially open to the public. One hundred and fifty tickets are available, on a first come first serve basis, beginning at 7 p.m. outside of the pit.

UPDATE: I’m now told the show isn’t open to the public. Like past campus concerts, you’ll need a Hendrix connection to get in.

Memphis-based live hip-hop act Free Sol, who just wrapped up an album for Justin Timberlake’s label, and who sound a lot better on paper than they do in recordings, open the show, which starts around 10 p.m 9 p.m. (Cool Kids should come on around 10 p.m.).

The concert is part of Hendrix’s Campus Kitty week of fundraising for local charities.

Check out the Cool Kids’ video for their first single from their forthcoming “When Fish Ride Bicycles” album. As Chuck says, it’s got everything you’d want in a video  — “pennies falling from the sky, remote control gator cars, Camaros, leaves, low-rider vans and girls fighting.”

*Seriously, try to find info about this online. Or by calling Hendrix.