It’s growing more obvious. Kris Allen is destined for the finals, where he’ll probably lose, tragically, to Adam Lambert, who may be more vocally gifted, but whose talents seem more suited for, say, breaking glass or a Milwaukee Theatre staging of “Rent,” than pop stardom.

Last night, on the always dreaded Disco night, Allen took Donna Summer’s “She Works Hard for the Money” and made it into an impassioned, acoustic-soul jam. With bongos.

The judges responded more enthusiastically to his performance than ever before, though their gushing was interrupted after Paula delivered an extended metaphor on Kris’ courage for “shopping in the women’s section” that Simon claimed left him completely baffled, which then led to all sorts of “So you’re saying Kris buys women’s underpants” quips.

Anyway, it’s all in the clip from above.


Going home tonight: Lil Rounds and Matt G.

ALSO: Max started a thread earlier this morning in response to several legislators’ enthusiasm for Kris and the show, and the haters showed up to comment.