Shew. If last night is any indication of how the Little Rock Film Fest is gonna go, color me tired just thinking about what’s to come — and excited as hell. Everything was in place last night: A large an attentive audience. (Too large, in fact, folks who showed up 15 to 20 minutes before start-time got turned away.) A fine, fine Southern film that, though populated by Abners and Lonzos and Thurls, never dips into stereotype or cliche. It’s hot in Tennessee in the summer and we can tell, but sweat doesn’t stand-in for inner tumult. A film sparked by masterly performances, just about cast-wide, but especially from 84-year-old Hal Holbrook in, shockingly, his first starring role. One filled with quiet but unsettling truths on how the living hang onto the dead and how they deal with near-dead, but very much alive. And one, surely, bound to catch on nationally that’s still screening one more time (Saturday, 6 p.m. at Riverdale). AND THEN a great after-party at Cajun’s, with a huge turn-out, a great (free spread) and music from one of my favorite local bands, Frown Pow’r.

Can’t wait to forsake my duties here and get back out there.