Thank goodness for The Purple Cow.  Not just for the incredible shakes and delectable ice cream treats, but because it serves “grown up” food, too.

I have to admit, I have happily dived into a Herbed Butter Burger ($5.45), a decadence that not only satisfies but soaks you in guilt later.  But I have been just as pleased with the Grilled Tuna Salad Sandwich ($5.55, shown above), which while tastily grilled with a bit of butter on the wheat bread also gives one the idea that one is eating healthily.

And it’s little nods to respectable eating, such as the half-a-dozen big salads on the menu, that are just enough to give adults without kids enough reason to keep coming back… the “shame” of diving into a Caramel Cashew Coffee Sundae or Fudgy Nut Brownie Sundae mitigated by the idea that yes, Virginia, you can have your ice cream and eat lunch, too.  I tend to go for the motherload, passing by the (oh too tempting) shakes for the traditional, three scoop Banana Split ($5.25), a taste and a look just as iconical and clean as the lines of a ’57 Chevy.  Sometimes I do go a bit easy on myself, and sink merrily into that childhood favorite of mine, the Chocolate Soda ($3.15) instead.


It can be a toss-up.  But don’t feel too guilty if there’s no child seat in your sedan, no fingerprints on your window, no crayons in your purse.  The Purple Cow has food for you, too.  Check out their website for locations.