It’s inevitable… if you get a reputation to be “into” food, you’re going to get recommendations.  And one of the big recommendations I get anytime I mention that I’m going to be downtown is “you gotta go get lunch at EJ’s.”

Not that I’m a stranger to the sandwich-soup-salad shop in the old Lions Club building.  Not at all.  Friends have taken me many times, and I try to drop by when I have business in the Metropolitan Tower building.  Problem has been that I tend to leave the camera packed away.

That’s because EJ’s Eats and Drinks is one of those local joints that’s way past being casual.  It’s just “one of those places,” like a good bar (think “Cheers” for the sandwich set).  The eclectic mix of dead comedian pics on the walls, the strange pinkness of the exposed second story, the laid back wait staff and the plethora of familiar faces just holler “don’t get so comfortable you take off your shoes in here.”  It’s nice.