7 p.m., ACAC. $15-$20.

Kinobe (pronounced “Chi-No-Bay”) Herbert, the 25-year-old leader of Uganda’s Kinobe & Soul Beat Africa, does not take a parochial approach to music. On album covers and promo pics, he appears leaning against a kora, a West African harp-like instrument. It’s just one of many instruments he’s crafted himself — the okogo, a thumb piano, is another cool one — that reflect his devotion to a broad African musical heritage. Kinobe sings, in a breezy tenor, in Luganda, English and Swahili. The four men who back him up play a wide variety of stringed and drum instruments and hand drums and offer bright harmony. It’s vibrant music that, if a performance video is any indication, will be more so live. It’s rare, almost unheard of really, that any worthwhile African music — or world music for that matter — stops in Little Rock, so look out for a strong turnout. The ACAC, which rarely hosts events that might sell out, is going about the advance-ticket scheme a little differently. Instead of getting a deal for acting early, those who want to be assured of a seat pay $20 for the privilege, while those who chance it at the door pay only $15. The extra five should be worth it for this show. The venue is at 900 S. Rodney Parham Road. Velvet Kente’s joshua opens.