That you can’t find his name anywhere on Little Rock Fashion Week’s website might suggest it’s not a sure thing, but some Fashion Week rep passing out flyers the other day told me that longtime MTV news correspondent, radio host and rapper Sway will be the celebrity host for the Celebrity Couture Show on Aug. 15. Apparently, he beat out Carmelo’s baby mama and some box holder from “Deal or No Deal” on an online poll on the Fashion Week website.

Rock Candy correspondent Stacey Bowers was at an open call for models at Juanita’s a little while back, video camera in tow. She asked a host of the aspirants, “What do you want Fashion Week to be like?” in the video above, which you can find on our home page player. Based on several of their answers, it’s safe to say there’s gonna be some disappointed models out there come mid-August. This is pathos, y’all.

Also, see if you can stifle a laugh when Phillip Choate tries to melt the camera with his eyes midway through.

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