When it comes to mixed alcohol drinks, I tend to go on the light side. Unfortunately, too many of our restaurants throw a token bone to those who wish to imbibe, and shortcuts are made. Which is why most of the time I won’t even take a second look at a margarita… out of that dread of receiving yet another alcohol drenched Kool-Aid facimile.

But I had to try what’s being billed as Eureka Springs’ best margarita. After all, that’s a pretty big claim. And I have to say, Casa Colina’s on the rocks offering is a damn fine margarita. Its clear simplicity and singing lime vibration is a cool and refreshing siesta inspired beverage.

You know, it was great, but I liked the restaurant’s red sangria even better — a fantastic balance between sweet, tart, and mellow. And while next time I go I’ll recommend the margarita to my companions, I’ll be having myself another sangria.


Still — how’s the food? Refreshingly light. More on the jump.