“The siren, which the two departments demonstrated Wednesday, emits a lower, denser tone that’s reminiscent of 1980s hip-hop, as opposed to the shrieking whine that usually emits from racing fire and police vehicles.” Democrat-Gazette reporter Jacob Quinn Sanders — probably overestimating the number of readers who read “1980s hip-hop” and hear Rick Rubin’s 808s or, well, anything at all — in a B section story above the fold on new emergency vehicle sirens. I would’ve loved, loved to be a fly on the wall when he and the city editor and copy-editors talked about the best way to present this. [Thursday’s D-G]

“Our favorite things to eat are Asian dishes — Chinese, Japanese, Thai — and Memphis-style dry rub ribs, every two days!” DJ Paul and Juicy J, who’re working on a pitch for a Three 6 Mafia-led cooking show. [Hungry in Memphis, the Memphis Flyer’s new food blog]

“Inspiration is a word I really don’t trust. Writing is work, and what I do is work. Some days I actually pull my own hair when I’m trying to make ideas come. But I have a contract, and my contract has a deadline. So I sit there, and I flex my fingers and say ‘Who’s coming to Sookie’s house today?'” Charlaine Harris, who evidently does not stalk the South Arkansas woods or tag-along to moonlit pagan ceremonies or anything else exciting to come up with her characters, at Comic-Con. [Rolling Stone]