Now this? This is what a roast beef sandwich should look like. Instead of pressed meat or a sliced mystery, there’s no question about what this is… prime tender chunks of roasted beef on a seeded hoagie roll, with tomatoes and red onions and Swiss cheese, melted together and served up with kettle chips. The Roast Beef Hoagie Melt ($6) is serious eating.

It’s just one of the delicious sandwiches served up on the menu at the 302 On The Square in downtown Berryville. And if you’re headed up to Eureka Springs, you have to stop in here.

The 302… It’s easy to miss, if you’re not familiar with Berryville. Just look for the Grand View Hotel on the main square. Here’s a photo, just in case you need one.

There’s a lot more to love than just the roast beef sandwich, though. More on the jump.