10 p.m., Juanita’s. $12.

The Gourds
don’t fit neatly into any categories of style. Their music may be rooted in country — with drawled-out vocals and banjos, fiddles and mandolins prominent — but with generous helpings of gospel, poetry, rock ‘n’ roll, soul and weed and whiskey ladled on top, their sound is something unto itself when it issues out of your speakers.

Vocalist, songwriter, guitarist and mandolin player Kevin “Shinyribs” Russell doesn’t care what you call it, though by phone earlier this week from his home in Austin, Texas, he admitted to being fond of “rag and bone music” (he’s a big fan of Yeats’ “The Circus Animals’ Desertion”). He’ll let others debate the semantics of genre names like alt-country, Americana and roots rock.

“Everyone’s trying to promote a big expansive genre of music. If we get lumped into it, that’s fine. I’m just in the game of trying to expose my music to as many people as possible.”