Clearly, this is the right answer.

Next Monday, Verizon Arena is hosting a special press conference to announce the mystery guests who’ll help the arena celebrate 10 years in operation.

Everyone at Verizon is being tight-lipped. All they’ve said is that the concert will happen this year and that it’ll feature “two of the world’s most renowned performers” on the same stage.

So who’s it going to be?

I took a quick office poll, and here’s the help I got:

Koon guesses Bobby and Whitney.

Sales rep Tiffany Holland says Prince and Madonna.

Max hopes for Wayne Newton and the Gaithers.

Here are my picks:

The living Beatles. Paul and Ringo, on-stage together for only the second time since George’s death in 2002. Obviously, it’d take a big deal like a North Little Rock arena’s 10-year anniversary to get them to consider it.

Jay-Z and Beyonce. Both are repped by Live Nation, who’s putting on the show, and … damn, that’s all I got.

Elton John and Billy Joel. This is the answer.* The piano bar heroes are in the middle of a co-headlining tour. John inaugurated the Arena back in 1999. They don’t have many dates scheduled in December.

*Paul Peterson deserves credit for guessing them without the benefit of research.