You know you’ve all been waiting to hear… well, here you go. 

The Elvis Sandwich at the Arkansas State Fair.  Yes, I sacrificed any hope of meeting and underexceeding the day’s recommended caloric intake by consuming said sandwich (shown above) in the interest of research. 

First off, let me say this — maybe it would have been a better idea to call it the Elvis Sandwich on the sign, rather than this: 

The grammar police officer in my head wants to say “Good, you got Deep Fried right.  Peanut butter is two words.  You’re missing an ‘a’ in banana and there’s no ‘t’ in sandwich.”  But that would be missing the point, right?

The sandwich.  Yesh.  Went out in the rain yesterday afternoon and sought out this vendor.  Paid my $7 (yes, it ain’t cheap) and was handed this paper boat with four quarters of sandwich and a dollop of strawberry jam (you also have the option of grape jelly).  It made me nervous.  It looked a little soggy and a lot scary.

But darned if it wasn’t good.

I have to extend a caveat here — almost every morning while I was pregnant I got up and ate a peanut butter and banana sandwich on whole wheat or seven grain bread.  I like bananas and peanut butter together.

I may have to start adding jam.  It was a good combination.  And the batter crisped up quite nicely in the deep frying process.  I had been given a fork with this boat of goodness but I sure didn’t need it.

So… back out to the Fair today… in the rain.  Wonder what else I will find.