9 p.m., Revolution. $15.

After a series of ups and downs, including being dropped by two labels, Bob Schneider has emerged an independent entity, releasing five albums and juggling three bands at the same time, the Scabs, Texas Bluegrass Massacre and Lonelyland, whose self-titled CD, remains the top seller at Austin’s famous indie music store, Waterloo Records, at 25,000 units and counting. Somehow he’s also found time to write a book. Shockorama Books published “I Have Seen the End of the World and It Looks Like This” in 2003. Schneider comes to town supporting his brand-new album, “Lovely Creatures,” a collection of inspired melodies that bounce from humor to tragedy to bedroom revelations. Look for him to explore a vast range of musical styles, all broadly contained within Americana-pop — blues, jazz, soul, hip-hop and barroom rock ‘n’ roll.

Paul Peterson