That, my friends, is a bowl of fried black-eyed peas… which are complimentary to diners at the Capital Bar & Grill in the Capital Hotel. 

I’ve been asked quite a bit lately… what are fried black-eyed peas?  How are they made?  WHY fried black-eyed peas?  Hey, let me tell you what… it’s better than peanuts in a bar.  Those little crunchy morsels are addictive.  And they go great with a little iced tea.

I have been remiss in talking about CBG… though I’ve sent many Twitter followers that way.   I mean, we’re talking a classy establishment, one of those places that lists whole dollar amounts on the menu rather than dickering with cents, a place in the evening where you fully expect to see hep singles mingling in their fancy clothes.  However, get to talking lunch, and you have a spot where you can really entertain an out-of-towner.  After all, what’s more intriguing to a non-Arkansaywer than a fried black-eyed pea?

Oh, well, maybe a homemade Moon Pie.  More on the jump.