Everyone knows that if you’re planning to be someone in state politics in Arkansas, you have to go to the Gillett Coon Supper.  But how many of you know what’s served at that supper?

Well, for your $20 and your trip to the gymnasium, you can feast onn barbecued racoon, smoked beef ribs, sweet potato, slaw, barbecued rice, cake and coffee.  Sure, you’ll be dining with hundreds of others, but imagine the culinary experience.  I mean, how often is it that you get the chance to rub elbows with the high-and-mighty (and those wishing for the chance to become your next advocate in Arkansas politics)?

The big eat is tonight at 7 p.m.  You can call Larry Bauer at (870) 548-2211 for more information.  Remember to take a good coat, it’s gonna be cold.