We’re always willing to share our readers’ comments about restaurants and such here at Eat Arkansas.  Just send them along.  When you share information here, it might spark a little debate, sure, but it also might spark a betterment in the restaurants addressed.

Reasder Ann Shack sends word on Hanaroo… it certainly disturbs me, considering my experiences with the little restaurant in the past have been splendid.  But I haven’t been in a while.


She writes:

I’ve raved about Hanaroo on the AR Times blog and other sites many times.  They won’t get my business any more.  Call me crazy, but who runs a business like this?!

I have spent $60-&75 per wk at Hanaroo for 2+ yrs. I ate in the restaurant until several back-to-back experiences made me switch to take-out. The food is great, but disruptive homeless people wandered in & the owner did nothing; he deferred to a waitress to handle. The a/c was broken several times in the summer & customers sat in a sauna with fans blowing. Loud, obnoxious music blared to the point of disrupting dinner. So, we started to do take-out. We always call in an early order (as a courtesy to the owner) & give 1 hr for prep. We usually wait another 15-30 min when we arrive. We never complain about the wait. We tip 10% for take out.

Tonight, after a a 1.5 hr wait from the call-in time at 5:45, with a restaurant only 1/2 full, we were told they would no longer do take-out on the weekends. When I arrived at 6:45, he was just starting my order. I’m so hacked at this slap in the face to a loyal customer who has RAVED about the food on numerous web sites and has taken many friends there and has spent thousands of dollars there. Hanaroo has great food, but this long-time customer will NOT return. Igibon’s is a drive for this downtown gal, but at least they value my business. 

UPDATE:  Interesting comments from the Facebook crowd… that I hadn’t considered.