10 p.m., Vino’s, $8.

Maybe Awesome Color — while a great name — is a touch misleading. If the chop-heavy Brooklyn power trio has a spirit hue, it’s certainly not a fantastical tone as the name suggests; it’s the dingy, muddy brown of rotgut whiskey, wet cigarettes and sunburns atop suntans. While undeniably born of Dinosaur Jr., the presence of Detroit, Mich., is ever present in their crunch. With just enough of an intimidating sonic canvas to coax out the occasional fist pump and a constant thread of pop accessibility, they flaunt a swagger like Iggy Pop with a beer paunch or Mick Collins falling off a half pipe. Take “I Know Who Killed Me” for example: the three note bass line, the James Chance sax flailing, the oil drum percussion and the simple, cocksure lyrics have the power to turn garages into monoliths just like they planned.

John Tarpley