Eureka Springs is known for a rather organic, Bohemian lifestyle. There are so many restaurants featuring all sorts of flavors and cuisines, it’s hard to think that there’s something missing.

But there is. That’s Japanese fare. Can’t find it within the city limits. Heck, until recently the closest sushi joint was in Rogers.

That’s changed. Seven miles north of Eureka Springs and just off Highway 23, you’ll find Koto Express, a little comfortable Oriental food spot tucked into the Holiday Island Shopping Plaza. The small unassuming restaurant has just a few tables (a few more are outside) and a small sushi counter. But what comes out of there is amazing.


I had chance to enjoy lunch there recently. I have to admit, I didn’t have high hopes, just because of the word “express” in the title. That word conjures up ideas of quickly made foods and diners shoved out the door. I found neither of these ideas to be the case.