I put out a call yesterday for lunch suggestions on my Facebook page — I mean, after all, I give a lunch suggestion every weekday, it’s about time I listened to someone else, right? Catherine Lawrence suggested I try the Bistro Burgers at Lulav. Strangely enough, I hadn’t considered that.

So I went. And if they’re all as good as the two I sampled, whoo boy. Them’s good eatin’.


Though that’s not the sort of vernacular you’re going to hear in such a swanky place. Lulav bills itself as a “modern eatery.” Its chocolate milk-colored walls are decked out with oil paintings, copper accents and wine bottles (mostly full), and the music is soft adult contemporary hits. The wood is dark, the napkins are golden yellow, and there’s a wine glass and matching dinnerware at every place set at each table. Not the sort of place you’d consider finding a mighty fine burger, that’s for sure.