Dir.: Pedro Gonzales-Rubio, 70 min.

Having already garnered a number of awards in, amongst others, the Rotterdam International and Miami Film Festivals, this minimalist piece of cinema verite is the topic of much cineaste chatter for the way it delicately treads the line between fiction and non-fiction. In fact, after the film’s premiere, newcomer Gonzales-Rubio couldn’t escape being asked whether “Alamar” is a feature or documentary film, to which he replied “I just think of it as a film.” Very loosely dramatized, it follows an actual father in real life circumstances as he takes his aging father and his five-year old child on a days-long Mayan fishing trip before his ex-wife returns to her native Rome with their son. Taking cues from remodernist heroes like Bela Tarr and Gus Van Sant, this nautical, coming-of-age meditation on masculinity and cultural identity may not be the fastest-paced film, but the beautifully colored, bittersweet trailer is one of the most hypnotically engaging and promising of the entire festival.


“Alamar” plays at 1:15 p.m. at Riverdale screen #1