Dir.: Petra Epperlein, Michael Tucker, 85 min.

The fourth and final of their series of acclaimed documentaries about the second Gulf War, Epperlein and Tucker’s “How to Fold a Flag” follows four disparate soldiers returning home to find a wrecked veterans system and a country whose idea of appreciation barely extends past yellow ribbon bumper stickers. Unsentimental and never simplistic, beautifully shot and paced, it’s as affectingly humane as any war documentary you’ll find anywhere this year. Sticking with four members of the same company — now a cage fighter/single dad, a college student/stoner, a school teacher/congressional candidate and a convenience store attendant/metal singer — we see the contrasts in their returns home and the unfortunate common threads that still bind. By simply filming the four complex characters and avoiding any patronizing hero worship or piety, the film becomes a no-frills snapshot of four brave men lost in a system gone awry. Highly recommended.

The only screening of “How to Fold a Flag” is at 4:15 p.m. at Riverdale screen #8.