WEEKEND EATS:  Brunch at Purple Cow

  • WEEKEND EATS: Brunch at Purple Cow

The Purple Cow isn’t just a place to grab ice cream and a burger — on the weekends, the local chain also offers a very family-friendly brunch menu during the morning hours.


I’ve seen the little sandwich board on Chenal Parkway in passing many times, and decided that last weekend was a good time to take Hunter and go and see if it really is that kid-friendly. And we were pretty happy about the outcome.

Now, I have to say — a lot of the time when I take Hunter and go to a restaurant, I get the question “and how many others will be joining you?” The idea of a parent dining along with such a young child probably seems a bit weird, sure — after all, there is a school of thought that kids that age can’t appreciate the restaurant experience fully. Others believe you should bring your little hellion with you everywhere.