Last year’s winners of the Charles B. Pierce Award for Arkansas Film at the Little Rock Film Festival are back with a nine-minute (!) trailer for their new film, “Ten Years Gone.” It’s mostly the same ensemble: Rhett Brinkley, Zach Turner and C. Murdock Jones star and John Schafer directs, but this time around, they’ve got a director of photography, local filmmaker and Fox16 cameraman Matthew Rowe, and they’re using more than natural lighting. Which means, at least based on the trailer, everything looks exponentially better.

The story appears to be similar to “Slumberland.” Brinkley plays someone who’s bad at relationships and likes talking about it. Turner takes the self-involved smarm he oozed in “Slumberland” and turns it into megalomania — with a wig that’s so bad I’m hoping it falls off somewhere in the movie and the joke’s so good they don’t want to waste it in the trailer. Jones plays the drunk friend who’s full of wacky wisdom. Plus, new this time ’round, familiar local faces — Will Boyd, Mike Motley, Natalie Sanderson and Amy Bowers.

Look for it in the not too distant future. I’ll let you know when I know more specifics.