In her “Paper Trails” column in today’s Demazette, Linda Caillouet calls me out for my post earlier in the week about the weird sibling rivalry between Little Rock and North Little Rock that’s led to NLR starting a its own free movie series almost directly across the river from Little Rock’s “Movies in the Park.”

In typical “Paper Trails” fashion it’s off base in all kinds of ways.

Caillouet quotes this from my item:

As much as everyone loves free movie series, this is some weird sister city rivalry at work. “Movies in the Park” is an institution. If North Little Rock wants to create its own family friendly event, it (or more precisely the promoters who use its park space for free) should come up with some fresh idea.

Then she tries on mock outrage:

Really?!? What about that copycat retro drive-in movie series at Arkansas Flag and Banner in downtown Little Rock… The nerve! How dare they?!?

This, of course, is a wholly different animal. It’s, as she mentions, a drive-in. It costs ($5 per person, or $20 per car). And it’s aimed at grown folks. The line-up includes “Night of the Living Dead” and “Sex Madness.” So, too, is Dave Elswick’s classic movie series at Market Street, which is free to kids and only $5 for adults.

“River Flicks” and “Movies in the Park,” on the other hand, are the exact same idea. They’re each a free, family-oriented outdoor movie series held on the river. If not for last night’s rain out of “River Flicks,” they were scheduled to screen the same movie, “The Blind Side,” within six days of each other. And, again, these events are happening almost directly across the river, albeit on different nights.