BIG BOWL OF PASTA:  Italian Gardens Chicken Primavera

  • BIG BOWL OF PASTA: Italian Gardens’ Chicken Primavera

Back in our college days, Paul and I visited every restaurant in the city of Russellville. Mind you, this was more out of curiosity and boredom than anything else — we were radio people at that point, and I had no idea where life was going to take me.



Since we still have family in the area, we’re up that way about once a month, and we usually take time to check out the newer restaurants or visit old favorites. Which is why I was kinda surprised to find out Italian Gardens has been there so long. We had an interesting argument over it at lunch the other day — how could we have missed out on going before?

This argument was held over some of the tastiest garlic bread I’ve found. Mind you, we’re not talking about bread with garlic in it. This bread was apparently a large white bread roll baked again with butter and spices on it. But what a nice, guilty pleasure.