9:30 p.m., White Water Tavern. Donations.


Quick: Deconstruct your idea of “pop punk.” Forget about Blink-182 and the lip-ringed bands in the latter ’90s that brought the tag to the fore and let’s get back to basics. Think, instead, The Lemonheads and, heck, The Replacements — the men who took that old punk tone and bent pop melodies about its frame. Cheap Girls did. Distorted and unabashedly hooky, this Michigan trio harkens back to the halcyon days when Clinton was fresh-faced in D.C. and Smoking Popes was in your tape deck. The band’s co-headlining buddies, O! Pioneers (no, fellow kinda-dyslexics, that’s not “Opinioneers,” as awesome of a band name as that would be), jet through that same vein, but sprint about with a bit more yelp. The group’s stabbing guitar riffs and rhythmic vocal barks harken back to the same era. It’s power chords, it’s lyrical manifestos, it sounds like the Little Rock of yore.

Note: O! Pioneers had to cancel tonight’s show, but the Tavern is drumming up a surprise local opener.


UPDATE: The always-trusty Brother Andy & His Big Damn Mouth take the open spot.