Not shabby!

The bitchariffic arbiters of cool over at Pitchfork Media slapped Dragoon’s “The Offending Party”—Max Recordings’ newest release—with an impressive 7.6/10.


Now, we all know that if the trio (2/3 Grifters, 1/3 Trusty) were 20 or 21, the album would have been at least a whole point higher, but still—7.6 is a helluva grade from (founder/editor/rock-crit villain) Ryan Schreiber’s notorious butt-clenchers.

Check out the review here.


And if you haven’t heard the album yet, get to it! It’s a great lo-fi, garage soundtrack for hair-meltingly hot days like this one. Cop it on iTunes, Amazon or Max Recordings’ webstore.