“People come and go so quickly here!” exclaims Kansas ex-pat Dorothy Gale after her fist whirlwind minutes in a strange new land spent talking to munchkins and witches good and bad. This line also speaks to one of the reasons for the endurance of L. Frank Baum’s American fable — it is a tale filled with incident. And to add to the proof that “The Wizard of Oz” never quite grows old, a touring stage adaptation has settled down for a short run at the Robinson Center Music Hall.


Celebrity Attractions, with this booking of the “Wizard of Oz,” is no doubt reminding theatergoers that it’s bringing “Wicked” — the wildly popular modern take on “Wizard” — to Little Rock in the fall. This “Wizard,” directed by Nigel West, is the 1980 Royal Shakespeare adaptation of the classic film musical. This version stays true to the movie but adds the infamous number “The Jitterbug” that was cut from the film. This version also comes to town touting its dazzling special effects.