The Nuge

  • The Nuge

8 p.m., Timberwood Amphitheater. $29.99-$44.99


I wish all of America’s nutcases were more like Ted Nugent: a ton of guitar feedback-loving, A.D.D. embracing, flaming-bow-and-arrow-shooting whackadoos. The Nuge is one of the most curiously likable guys to strap on a guitar. One part Frank Zappa, one part Jethro Bodine with rightist politics cranked louder than his amps, he’s best known currently as a firebrand for his offstage antics on the Outdoor Channel as host of “Spirit of the Wild” (one of this writer’s all-time favorite guilty pleasures) and his frequent stops on Fox News. But remember when the Motor City Madman was simply the charmingly sociopathic guitar virtuoso who inspired the masses of up and coming shredders? The guy whose hyperactive licks provided the guitar tones of the ’70s? He’s still around and just as fluid. Guitarists, maybe it’s time to pay some respect to the Cat.