NOT ACTUAL SIZE:  Meachams biscuit is much bigger

  • NOT ACTUAL SIZE: Meacham’s biscuit is much bigger

Our second entry in this third Breakfast in Arkansas week this year… is in Ash Flat. A reader over on Facebook recommended Meacham’s, and I found a chance to drop by a few weeks ago. Good thing they were serving breakfast late — it took a couple of hours to get there!


The interior of the restaurant is all wood — booths, chairs, walls, partitions, birdhouses. Yes, birdhouses. I wasn’t sure what the seating policy was when I walked in, but a woman in the back hollered to me that I could sit anywhere.

A menu was delivered into my hands, and I scanned quickly over it, my hunger just roaring at me. See, if you do breakfast reviews you tend to not eat before you go. I’d already been up three hours without so much as a glass of juice and I was ready for something good. I ordered the French toast and a couple of over well eggs and settled in with a cup of coffee.