HOMESTYLE:  Waffle with strawberries at Mom & Pops Waffles

  • Kat Robinson
  • HOMESTYLE: Waffle with strawberries at Mom & Pop’s Waffles

Another stop for Breakfast in Arkansas week takes us to Morrilton, to a little joint off the Highway 95 exit. I stopped in the other morning at Mom and Pop’s Waffles. The parking lot was packed and there was only one available place to sit, a booth right across from the waffle irons.

It’s obvious from the architecture that this was formerly a Waffle House. Now locally owned and operated, it’s just open for breakfast. Despite that, the menu is dotted with not just breakfast items but a few other things like cheeseburgers and a chicken strip dinner.

The lone waitress gave me a menu and poured me up a cup of coffee and a small cup of water and left me alone with the menu. Being a waffle place, I had decided that I had to have a waffle. Just made sense, right? But which one? The menu covers waffles, pecan waffles, blueberry waffles and strawberry waffles. What the heck — strawberry sounded fine to me. I got an order of hash browns on the side and handed my menu back.