8 p.m., The Village. $12 adv., $15 d.o.s.

Reading up on this Little Rock-based, 20-year-old metal act, I found the word “legendary” popping up where “great” or “influential” would normally be for any other band that didn’t spearhead an entire genre for the better part of an entire decade. That genre, Christian metal, makes for an interesting Venn diagram, but its fans are fervent and Living Sacrifice’s role in that particular scene runs deep; these guys are practically canonized, inspiring practically every band that came in its wake. And now, the local-boys-gone-hero-mode are back on the road to support “The Infinite Order,” a no-frills death metal album that stands as the band’s seventh release and first since they reunited after a 2002 split. Metal heads: rejoice. Three of Living Sacrifice’s offspring, The Showdown, Becoming Saints and In the Fade, open the night.