9 p.m., Juanita’s. $10

On one hand, it would be easy to dismiss Delta Spirit, saying they sound like “everyone else” from that rambling, rusty pack of gentrifying buzzbands like Dr. Dog or The Morning Benders who have their hearts in the suburbs and their heads in their idea of a juke-joint. But those are all good bands in a cool, evocative genre, succeeding at making fun music successfully engineered to work up a goosebump and a shimmy or two and Delta Spirit’s no different. Fresh from debuting “History From Below,” the third in a series of gruff, ambitious releases, the San Diegans take that sound here to Little Rock. If ever there was a town that loved this brand of tonal sunshine, this is it. It’ll be safe to expect a packed house. The Romany Rye, featured in this week’s issue, and David Vandervelde, a reverb-doused songwriter out of Nashville, open.