If you signed up for AT&T’s cable platform, UVerse, without realizing that AMC, increasingly one of the finest cable channels, isn’t available on the platform in Arkansas and have been cursing UVerse ever since, well, continue your cursing until further notice.

Despite this announcement, cheered by “Mad Men” fans everywhere, from AT&T and Rainbow yesterday that a deal had been struck for AT&T to carry AMC, IFC and WE tv, an AT&T spokesman told me today that AT&T wasn’t ready to release the specifics of the agreement yet. He wouldn’t speculate on whether the specifics might include news that Little Rock is covered in the new agreement, and he said that an announcement wasn’t imminent, to his knowledge. So looks like, at least for the premiere and possibly forever, we Arkansas UVerse customers will continue to be SOL.

Time to switch, I think. Anybody like Comcast or DirecTV?