IMPRESSIVE:  The Excaliburger at Ozark Cafe

  • Kat Robinson
  • IMPRESSIVE: The Excaliburger at Ozark Cafe

You ever try something you perhaps shouldn’t on a whim, just out of curiosity? I just did. Really. That burger, right there. Let me tell you about it.


I’m on assignment right now on Scenic Highway Seven in the Ozarks. Yesterday morning my photographer and I stopped in at the Ozark Café in Jasper for a long drink of iced tea and a chance to cool down. I’d been bragging about having consumed the Deep Fried Burger at the restaurant back in 2008 and had expected to order the same again, just because I could.

But as I perused the menu I noticed another listing:


Excaliburger: Our ½ pound burger, sandwiched between two grilled cheese w/Ozark sauce… Single $5.99 Double $8.99

Well, what do you do? I mean, after all, I had figured I’d send photos of that Deep Fried Burger to Serious Eats, but this intrigued me. But we’d just ate. No, really, we’d just had breakfast not two hours before at the Cliff House Inn (and yes, I will tell you about that sometime soon).