DELECTABLE:  Green Zebra tomatoes at the sampling

  • Kat Robinson
  • DELECTABLE: Green Zebra tomatoes at the sampling
FINE DINING:  Heritage poultry and vegetables

  • Kat Robinson
  • FINE DINING: Heritage poultry and vegetables

I went out to the Heritage Tomato Festival and dinner out at P. Allen Smith’s gorgeous Moss Mountain Farm complex Saturday night. Meant to post something earlier, but frankly the heat that zapped me and the great meal that was served knocked me out for a while.

I will say I rather enjoyed the tomato tasting. I’ve been to similar tastings, but never one held in a garden setting. A long tent was set out with different varieties carefully presented in plastic boxes with toothpicks for individual tasting. The fine wine was also a bonus, though I found myself sticking to the water at hand for the most part.

There’s a lot to say. Never fear, the full description of th event is over at Tie Dye Travels. I will say this — I have absolutely got to get out there and bring you a more complete story on heritage poultry farming. After dining on Jersey Giant birds that came from a Kansas City farm (one of the guests we sat with even knew exactly who’d raised them) I want to learn more and share more about this project to bring the poultry popular three generations ago back to our tables. Yes, it costs more. It is absolutely worth it. One dinner, and I no longer consider chicken the “tofu of meats.”


Additional: I have been remiss in mentioning that this was an event presented by Oxford American Magazine. I could place blame on the heat or lack of sleep, but that’d be no good to any of us.