Twenty-five expansion proposals made to the Walton Arts Center in Fayetteville — including a joint plan by the University of Arkansas and the City of Fayetteville and another by the Bentonville Chamber of Commerce — are now posted on the Walton Arts Center’s website. The Fayetteville Flyer has looked over the dozens of pages submitted to construct a great overview of the submissions. Things to note in the story: A letter from philanthropist and longtime WAC fund-raiser Billie Jo Starr saying she will only support the Fayetteville proposal; Northwest Arkansas Community College’s 41-page proposal, and the Bentonville Chamber of Commerce proposal that is no more specific about the location than to say that it’s “within 1/2 mile of the Bentonville Downtown.” That could be Walton property — or it could be a city park. Either way, there’s no way to get to it short of plowing down a lot of the city to make a new highway. All of the other proposals are easily accessed. One thing is for sure: The Waltons say they won’t support it unless it’s in Bentonville. They didn’t say it had to be on their own property, next to the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art (and indeed, building that museum is turning out to be quite difficult on that geography), but the Walton money will only flow to a B-ville arts center. So what do you think the Walton Arts Center board will do?