8:30 p.m., The Village. $25 d.o.s.


While ’90s rock peers Pavement, Sunny Day Real Estate and Dinosaur Jr. were busy breaking up and reuniting, Built to Spill has remained a consistently quality outfit. In the 18 years since its inception, the virtually universally-adored Idaho guitar rock band has seen a fistful of lineups, all fronted by beard-icon Doug Martsch, and released two classic albums in the genre with “Keep It Like a Secret” and “Ancient Melodies of the Future.” Built to Spill is effortlessly hooky, instantly recognizable and damned near an obligatory influence for any indie rock band in its wake. This time in town — the band’s first appearance since a 2008 show at Vino’s — it’s brought along Finn Riggins, another Boise-based outfit that’s garnered its own chunk of attention for its synth-splashed, rangy stabs at prog-pop. Long-time Little Rock favorite Underclaire provides local support with its epic, heady style of modern rock.