GREAT DEAL:  Chip & Dip at The Cowpen

  • Grav Weldon
  • GREAT DEAL: Chip & Dip at The Cowpen

As I’ve previously mentioned, this week’s restaurant pieces cover last weekend’s South Arkansas trip. Be sure to check out Tie Dye Travels for stories about the attractions we visited.


It must have been close to 9 p.m. when we pulled into the parking lot at The Cowpen under the US 82 Greenville Bridge. I’ve passed it many times going one place or another, but this was the very first time I’d stopped. We’d have probably ended up someplace else, had we not heard the recommendations from the folks at the Lakeside Motel, the Visitors Center and the check-out lady at Fred’s. Popular place.

The parking lot was packed. I mean, heavily packed. We managed to slide into a parking spot being vacated near the door, lucky us, and headed in to the raucous noise of folksy country twang emanating from the porch area.