SPICY OMELET:  The Bean Boy at JJs Lakeside Cafe

  • Kat Robinson
  • SPICY OMELET: The Bean Boy at JJ’s Lakeside Cafe

Coverage of my south Arkansas trip continues here and at Tie Dye Travels… and intersects with my quest for the best breakfast in Arkansas.


Saturday morning before heading over to Lakeport Plantation, Grav and I headed to JJ’s Lakeside Café for breakfast. The smart little restaurant sits on the east side of US 65/82 on the south side of Lake Village over by the Visitors Center.

We arrived around nine and were told to sit where we like. Our waitress came over and handed us menus and asked us what we wanted to drink. It had been a very long and productive day the day before, and I needed an eye opener, so I got coffee. Grav stuck with his Mountain Dew.


The thing that struck me first about the menu was the prices. Everything on the menu was under $5. The most expensive item was the International Omelet ($4.59) but most items were in the $1-3 range. I spotted exactly what I wanted right off the bat — the Bean Boy Omelet ($3.99), which appeared to be a traditional veggie omelet. Grav went for a single pancake and an order of two biscuits with gravy.