COMFORT SAUCE:  Housemade red sauce on spaghetti at DeVitos

  • Kat Robinson
  • COMFORT SAUCE: Housemade red sauce on spaghetti at DeVito’s

Our Arkansas Times’ Readers Choice Poll has been considered the venerable “four stars” for many restaurants over the years. Being chosen as the top anything in said poll brings with it a certain sort of prestige. When I was a younger woman and still unaware that I’d ever have personal connections with the Times, I’d see that familiar poster on the wall designating an establishment to have the best this or that, and I’d feel at ease, knowing that it had to be decent. “Best of Arkansas,” indeed.


So for a restaurant all the way up in Eureka Springs to have received the accolade says something. And being able to share a birthday dinner there with my husband? Outstanding.

We had a very pleasant evening at DeVito’s last night. The company was decent, the sunlight was fading, and the food was comfortably splendid.