Robert Shermans Target

  • Robert Sherman’s “Target”

… might be found at the Happy Hour in the Heights event tomorrow (Aug. 19) between 5 and 9 p.m. at Stephano’s Fine Art. Painter Robert Sherman will be on hand to talk about his work. His advice:


“The more you relax the more you start to see. The images move for some people. Just stay relaxed and the colors will begin to pulse. Remain relaxed. Everything will be encompassed in bright white light, you are now centered, relaxed, at peace. It feels good to laugh and love.”

And if that doesn’t work, have another glass of wine! Stephano’s gallery is at 5501 Kavanaugh. While you’re there, ask Ashley and Stephano about the good work they are doing to support Candlelighters, a non-profit for children who’ve survived cancer.