ITS GOOD FOR YOU:  And tasty, too

  • Kat Robinson
  • IT’S GOOD FOR YOU: And tasty, too

I have been remiss! We’ve been so wrapped up in Eureka Springs that I’ve completely forgotten to keep you abreast of what we’ve been up to!


Considering where we’re at, that’s not surprising. There’s something about Eureka Springs that saps the will to work. Er, maybe that’s not completely it. Maybe it has something more to do with the idea that the town is a haven, a respite from the real world. Trying to get about and get things done is difficult.

But indeed, we have been doing stuff. And Tuesday morning we needed to make sure we were fortified for a very busy day ahead. I had a bridge to hunt down, a spring to find, and an unusual place to stay to discover. So Mud Street Café it was.