Ho-Hum circa 2004

  • Ho-Hum circa 2004

Vino’s turns 20 this year and to celebrate the brewpub/pizza joint/venue has planned a party that is nostalgic in all the right ways.


Most crucially, Vino’s GM Chris New and co. have spent the better part of the last year working to line-up and, in several cases, reunite some of biggest local bands that played the space back in the day. Here’s what they came up with: Gino Delray, The Baileys, Big Boss Line, The Boondogs, Living Sacrifice, Ho-Hum and Ashtray Babyhead.



Plus, on the date of the concert, Saturday, September 18, Vino’s will offer its pale ale — one of Vino’s first brews, according to general manager Chris New — and slices of cheese and pepperoni at throwback prices. The concert starts at 7 p.m.

In case you weren’t around for some of those above, here’s a quick primer:


Gino Delray’s a rockabilly dude I know little about. I’m sure some reader out there can come to the rescure.

The Baileys were John McAteer (The Reds), Jason Tedford (Ashtray Babyhead, Iron Tongue), Brad Brown (Ho-Hum) and Brian Bush. Lots available here.

I never saw Big Boss Line, but they sound like they were The Replacements of Little Rock, but probably louder and possibly drunker. Another line-up of future all-stars: Brian Hirrel (Loch Ness Monster, Outstanding Red Team), Brent LaBeau (Gunbunnies, Mulehead, Salty Dogs), Bircho (Trusty) and Brett McKnight (Nos Rebos).

Living Sacrifice practically pioneered Christian thrash/death metal and enjoyed, still enjoy national success.


And, as you probably know, Ho-Hum and The Boondogs should’ve been—and very nearly were—big beyond Arkansas, but got boned, one way or another, by the vagaries of the music business.

And Ashtray Babyhead evolved into The Kicks and did enjoy some national success, but the last several years have seen several reunion shows featuring the classic line-up: Scott Cook (Moving Front, solo), Jason Tedford (The Baileys, Iron Tongue), Jeff Matika (Green Day, Love Ghost) and Ryan Scott.