8 p.m., Juanita’s. $16 adv., $18 d.o.s

Still not fed up with being subjected to years and years of whimpering, hypersensitive singer/songwriters? Then boy howdy, are you ever in luck. This guy, Secondhand Serenade, the nom de sniffle of solo performer John Vesely, is swinging into town for a night of the old strum and whine at Juanita’s. Another Dashboard Confessional trope-alike, Vesely sings in a falsetto that makes Edward Cullen look like Randy Savage. And just like “Twilight” and professional wrestling, it’s meant for teen-agers. But he’s onto something: The kids love it. His rapid rise from anonymous Internet musician to MySpace’s number-one unsigned artist to full-fledged neo-emo stardom is a testament to the buying power of teeny-boppers and their appetite for sensitive, hormonal music about being sensitive and hormonal. Supply and demand: Someone’s gotta do it. He’s joined by melodic, pop-punk tour mates Runner Runner and Camera Can’t Lie. The show is, naturally, all ages.