Shock of shocks, the “True Blood” scribes did not, as I predicted last time, stretch the Sookie reveal over three episodes. Nope, they spit it out immediately, starting with Sookie’s reaction, which came in that charming manner that she and almost no one else usually greets ridiculous supernatural revelations: “I’m a fairy? How fucking lame.”

Ah yes, but not as lame as some of the other Tolkein-esque names for fairies, according to Bill (I’m sure I’m spelling them all wrong): “phendrae, elanon, the old people.” And—wait for it—”aliens.”


That’s right, at least according to Bill, who we’ve been reminded eighty jillion times “CAN’T BE TRUSTED”, Sookie is part alien. A Fae-lien “coupled” with one of her ancestors. Or “raped,” as Sookie says, cutting through fang-rapist Bill’s euphemism.